Public Notice January 18, 2018


Charleston Mini Storage gives notice that pursuant to the provisions Section 85-7-125 of the Mississippi Code annotated (1972 amended) it will offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash at Charleston Mini Storage, 109 West Walnut Street, Charleston, MS 38921 on Friday, January 19, 2018, at 12 p.m. at its self storage facilities the contents of the storage units listed below:
Unit 13 - 5x10 - Everette Simmons
Unit 22 - 10x10 - Lorraine Crawford
(1-4, 11, 18)

WHEREAS, on May 29, 2001, Thomas L Henderson and wife, Heather B Henderson, executed a deed of trust to Frank A. Riley, Trustee for the benefit of BancorpSouth Bank, which deed of trust is recorded in Deed of Trust Book 445 at Page 475 in the Office of the Chancery Clerk of the County of Tallahatchie, First Judicial District, State of Mississippi; and    
WHEREAS, the aforesaid, BancorpSouth Bank, the holder of said deed of trust and the note secured thereby, substituted Underwood Law Firm PLLC, as Trustee therein, as authorized by the terms thereof, by instrument dated May 6, 2016 and recorded in the Office of the aforesaid Chancery Clerk in Substitution of Trustee Book 2 at Page 447; and
WHEREAS, default having been made in the terms and conditions of said deed of trust and the entire debt secured thereby, having been declared to be due and payable in accordance with the terms of said deed of trust, and the legal holder of said indebtedness, BancorpSouth Bank, having requested the undersigned Substituted Trustee to execute the trust and sell said land and property in accordance with the terms of said deed of trust for the purpose of raising the sums due thereunder, together with attorney’s fees, Substituted Trustee’s fees and expense of sale;
NOW, THEREFORE, WE, Underwood Law Firm PLLC, Substituted Trustee in said deed of trust, will on the 1st day of February, 2018, offer for sale at public outcry for cash to the highest bidder, and sell within legal hours (being between the hours of 11:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.) at the West front door of the County Courthouse at Charleston, County of Tallahatchie, First Judicial District, State of Mississippi, the following described property situated in the County of Tallahatchie, First Judicial District, State of Mississippi, to-wit:
Part of the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SE1/4 SE1/4) of Section 1, Township 24 North, Range 3 East, First Judicial District of Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, more particularly described as follows:
Beginning at a set iron pin approximately 10' West of an existing fence, said point also being 460.12 feet North and 49.47 feet West of a found axle at the SE Corner of said Section 1; proceed thence South 74 degrees 51 minutes 05 seconds West a distance of 105.03 feet to a set iron pin; thence North 25 degrees 15 minutes 49 seconds West a distance of 338.25 feet to a set iron pin on the Easterly side of a county gravel road; thence along said road North 43 degrees 57 minutes 28 seconds East a distance of 272.56 feet to a found iron pin; thence away from said road South 06 degrees 47 minutes 38 seconds East parallel with an old fence a distance of 478.01 feet to the Point of Beginning.
WE WILL CONVEY only such title as is vested in Underwood Law Firm PLLC as Substituted Trustee.
WITNESS OUR SIGNATURE, this the 4th day of January, 2018.
Underwood Law Firm PLLC
BY:  Catherine W. Underwood
Majority Member
Control# Henderson, Thomas/BCS
(1-11, 18, 25)



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