Drug, alcohol initiative to be unveiled in Webb


The Tallahatchie County Underage Drinking and Prescription Drugs Prevention Coalition will conduct a public meeting on Thursday, March 30, at 1 p.m., at Webb Town Hall to gather information and to share ideas about abuses in these areas in Tallahatchie County communities.

The meeting is being conducted by the Region One Mental Health Center and the Mississippi Prevention Alliance for Communities and Colleges (mPACC), which aims to increase awareness of the consequences of substance abuse, its risk factors, and to alter alcohol and prescription drug consumption patterns.

The goals of mPACC and the evidence-based practice curriculum used are as following:

• Reduce alcohol misuse and abuse among adolescent and you adults

• Reduce consequences related to alcohol and drug misuse/abuse among adolescent and young adults

• Reduce prescription drug abuse rates for 12- to 25-year-olds

• Increase perceived parental and peer disapproval of underage drinking

• Increase perceived risk of harm for binge drinking

• Increase family communication around drug use

• Strengthen prevention capacity and infrastructure at state and community levels

The mPACC will implement the “Too Good for Drugs” high school curriculum in the schools and communities as a way to introduce a series of skills to prepare children to make healthy choices and resist unhealthy behaviors in life.

“Too Good for Drugs” is a family of evidence-based programs that builds awareness of healthy life skills and promotes unity throughout the school.

Role models and educators can work to reinforce healthy behaviors and the importance of committing to leading a healthier and safer life. Throughout this curriculum, there are small group activities to promote bonding and socialization among the students.

Monthly community coalition meetings are held to make communities safer, healthier and drug-free. Community coalitions are comprised of parents, teachers, law enforcement, businesses, religious leaders, health providers and other community activists.

“We invite everyone to these monthly meetings as a way to voice concerns, plan activities to increase awareness and share the concerns of others in the community,” said Crystal Evans, drugs and alcohol prevention specialist with Region One.

To learn more, to have an event planned that the coalition could be a part of, or to take part in monthly coalition meetings, contact Reba Carter at 662-671-1888 or by email at rgtcarter@msn.com, or Crystal Evans at 662-444-0679 or by email at cdmeeks09@gmail.com.


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