Shop teacher seeks donation of material for students' work


Tim King teaches carpentry and construction classes at Charleston High School.

His curriculum covers carpentry, electrical, plumbing and masonry skills, which require a lot of raw materials.

“I want the community to know that my students are active and doing well in our program,” said King.

Like many of the so-called “shop” teachers before him, King likes to see his students engaged in practical hands-on projects that benefit the community.

It’s a win-win situation, the instructor noted, because the students are able to learn many nuances of the trades they are studying, and the occasional community projects — like building wooden barricades for the East Tallahatchie School District and the Charleston Arts and Revitalization Effort, or a picture frame for Taylor Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church — are service-oriented and practical.

Said King of the church picture frame, constructed by students Ronquavious Greer and Jackie Hoe, “They built this frame from scrap but it looks great.”

Much of the construction material that King’s pupils use is donated, he noted, and the existing supply rarely keeps up with demand.

“We are always in need of material to work with,” he said. “When 45 kids are working on projects every day, they go through a lot of material.”

King said his students enjoy special projects, but those can quickly drain the stockpile of resources.

“The kids are eager to build things such as dog houses and deer blinds, but things of that sort require a lot of material,” he noted.

That is where the public can help, the teacher added.

“If someone has scrap wood or leftovers from a job site, we can use them,” King said. “We need materials such as wood, electrical items, plumbing and masonry.”

Anyone who wants to donate items may contact King at the high school by calling 647-5359.

“We would appreciate any contributions,” King said.

IN THE PHOTO: Charleston High School students Ronquavious Greer (left) and Jackie Hoe display a picture frame that they built to hold a very special poster for Taylor Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.  (Photo by Tim King)


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