Healthy Foods Expo sign-up deadline is Aug. 18


Do you have a healthy recipe that you are dying to share?  Are you an undercover chef extraordinaire?  Tallahatchie General Hospital and the James C. Kennedy Wellness Center are hosting a Healthy Foods Expo on Sept.19.

The event is designed to show how healthy foods can also taste great. With this competition, organizers want to highlight the delicious, healthy recipes that community residents make for their friends and family.  Along with cooking your favorite healthy recipe is the chance to win a trophy, cash prizes up to $300, and to show off your cooking skills to the community.

If interested, applications can be picked up at the Wellness Center or email Catherine (Woodyard) Moring at to receive one. 

Participants can join as individuals, churches, families or as part of a business or organization. All applications are due back to the Wellness Center by Friday, Aug. 18. 

For more information, contact the Wellness Center at 662-625-7214. The Expo will be open to the public and tickets will go on sale Sept. 1 and will be $5 per ticket.

Attendants will have the opportunity to sample each recipe and will help determine the winners. Help make the first annual Healthy Foods Expo a huge success and submit an application soon.

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Healthy Foods Expo
Rules and Criteria
for Participation

Each organization/person should make a healthy dish that also tastes great for this competition! Meals for this competition can include breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner recipes.

Healthy dishes should:

» Incorporate multiple food groups, which are:
• Protein (lean meats and beans)
• Vegetables
• Fruits
• Dairy (optional)
• Grains (rice, pasta, quinoa, breads, wraps, oatmeal, etc.)

» Have minimal simple carbohydrates (including sugars and white starches like rice and pasta)

Extra points will be awarded for recipes that substitute for whole grain versions.

Do not include ingredients that have partially or fully hydrogenated oils, such as shortening and margarine.

Dishes should contain a minimum of butters and use healthier oils such as olive oil, be high in vitamins and minerals, include multiple colors, be nutrient dense and use higher-quality ingredients

Dishes will also be noted for their:
• Creativity
• Taste
• Visual appearance

Dishes will be rated on a scale from 1-10 in the categories of appearance, taste and creativity.  Ratings will come from participants who sample the foods. 

There will be first, second and third place winners for both organizations/businesses and individuals.

Each participant is responsible for all personal costs associated with participating in this competition.  Each participant should also provide a recipe along with around 15-20 servings of their dish (1 serving equals approximately 4 sample-sized portions). 

Prizes awarded will be:
» 1st place: trophy and $300 cash
» 2nd place: trophy and $250 cash
» 3rd place: trophy and $200 cash
» 4th place: $150 cash
» 5th place: $100 cash